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Alive 2013

This Sunday, June 30, my band and I will be performing live worship at ALIVE 2013. Last year’s event was successful, with over 4,000 people in attendance and this year’s crowd will surpass it. The event exists to bring together churches of different denominations, uniting them with one common goal: reaching just one more soul with the message of Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow, June 28, I have the privilege to be on the talk show, Talk of Alabama with Bryan Haskins, Worship Pastor of Crosspoint Church in Trussville, AL. We will be telling people about ALIVE 2013 and our time on the show will conclude with me performing one of my original songs from “We Believe”.

If you would like to tune in to Talk of Alabama, the show will be on ABC 33/40 Television Station tomorrow at 9am CST. If you would like to attend ALIVE 2013 to see my band perform live worship, see us at 5-6pm, and I will be selling CDs for $5. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

ALIVE 2013 will be held at Homestead Hollow in Springville, AL (30 miles outside of Birmingham).

Homestead Hollow
1161 Murphrees Valley Road
Springville, AL 35146

For more info about Talk of Alabama, visit www.abc3340.com/category/191993/talk-of-alabama.

We Believe

It’s an exciting time! My EP, titled We Believe, is scheduled to release in February. This EP is a collection of six original songs written for the purpose of elevating people’s hope in the certainty of who God is and what he has promised us. This blog entry will tell you the heart and central thread behind We Believe. Enjoy!

See, all of us struggle with different measures of unbelief- that’s why we may become anxious or feel shaken in certain seasons of life. What I mean by the word unbelief is the way we set our hope on things other than God. When our hope is set on something else, we are failing to believe that God is everything we need. We believe other things will satisfy us. As those things promise us purpose or significance, we tend to believe these lies very often. The thing is that all of us need certainty. We need promises. All of us need to be assured that something in life is certain. But how can we have any certainty at all? Is anything promised in life? Thankfully, there are promises God has given us. It’s in him that we need to set our hope and in him that we need to believe. It’s the promises that he has given us that are an anchor for our soul. It’s crazy how unexplainable peace stirs up in our soul when we trust in God. We become confident, sure, satisfied, content, and full of joy. There’s life that springs forth from us!

It’s what we believe that shapes our whole life. And without belief in Jesus, we will always be disappointed in the end. We don’t get what we want, a relationship fails, a loved one dies, depression weighs in on us, or everything is fine and we just feel empty. It’s in these struggles and these circumstances where we need something to make us press on and push through. And this motivation and energy is rooted in the cross of Jesus and secured by his resurrection. This is the promise of triumph: Jesus is alive! Believing in this message brings forth life in us. Believing in this message gives us a confidence that Jesus is our hope. No matter how deep our regret may be. No matter how hard the struggle is. No matter how much resistance we feel. It doesn’t matter because there are promises for us to believe and take hold of with our whole heart so that we can experience the freedom and life Jesus offers to all of us.

Stay tuned to hear more about the story behind We Believe. On the home page of my site, there is a video where I explain my heart behind worship and my purpose for releasing this EP. Follow me on Twitter @zachnormanmusic and tweet the hashtag #WeBelieve. You can also like my musician/band page on Facebook!

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